American Journal Of Pharmacy And Health Research

ISSN NO.: 2321-3647
June 2022 Issue 6

Study of Synergistic Anti-inflammatory Action of Murraya Koenigii and Mangifera Indica Leaf Extracts

Mohammad Ashraf*, Deepak Kumar Basedia, B.K. Dubey

TIT College Of Pharmacy, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


The objective of the present study was to assess the anti-inflammatory potential of combined extracts of Murraya koenigii and Mangifera indicausing the carrageenan induced rat paw edema method. The extraction yield in methanol was found to be 26.8 % for Murraya koenigii and 31.6 % for Mangifera indica. The findings of preliminary phytochemical analysis suggest the presence of alkaloids, saponin glycosides, phenolics, terpenoids, and flavonoids in the leaf of the Murraya koenigii while alkaloids and glycosides were not found to be present in Mangifera indica. The total phenolic content of the hydroalcoholic extracts of M. koenigii and M.indica were 34.27±1.7 and 43.11±2.1 GAE mg/g, respectively. The phenolic content was highest in the combined extract (MSE:MIE, 1:2) of all the three combinations with total phenolics 61.22±4.1GAE mg/g. The extracts were individually and in combination (1:1, 1:2 & 2:1) subjected to determination of anti-inflammatory potential by carrageenan induced rat paw edema method using ibuprofen as the standard drug. Ibuprofen at dose of 10 mg/Kg inhibited 69.23% edema after 4h of administration whereas the maximum edema inhibition exhibited by the combined extracts was 55.22% (MKE:MIE, 1:2)  at the end of 4h.

Keywords: Murraya koenigii, Mangifera indica, carrageenan, Anti-inflammatory,paw edema, Extract