American Journal Of Pharmacy And Health Research

ISSN NO.: 2321-3647
Peer Review Policy

  • All the manuscripts submitted to AJPHR will be subjected to double blinded peer review process

  • Once authors submit manuscript will be assigned a Manuscript ID — please use this number in all correspondence relating to your paper.

  • After that Editorial office check the Manuscript for quality and subjected to plagiarism by using Plagiarism Detector software. If found more plagiarism manuscript will rejected not consider for publication.

  • The manuscript will be forwarded to reviewer. Language correction is not part of the peer review process, but reviewer may, if so wish, suggest corrections to the manuscript.

  • The manuscript will be reviewed by two suitable experts in respective subject area. The reports of all the reviewers will be considered while deciding on acceptance/revision or rejection of a manuscript.

  • Editor-In-Chief will make the final decision, based on reviewer’s comments.

  • Editor-In-Chief can ask the one or more advisory board members for their suggestions upon a manuscript, before making the final decision.

  • In case, authors challenge editor’s negative decision with suitable arguments, the manuscript can be sent to one more reviewer and the final decision will be made based upon his recommendations.

  • A galley proof will be sent to corresponding author for final approval.

  • The author will be notified of the date of scheduled publication and DOI assignment.