American Journal Of Pharmacy And Health Research

ISSN NO.: 2321-3647
March 2023 Issue 03

Anthocyanin Fruit Peels and Their Importance

Hemalatha K, Anusha K, Harsitha K, Vasavi V, Jagadeesh P, Swathi P*

Raghu College of Pharmacy, Dakamarri, Visakhapatnam


Anthocyanins are colored water-soluble pigments belonging to the group of phenols. Anthocyanins responsible for the colors, red, purple and blue, are found in fruits and vegetables. Fruit peels have gradually gained popularity as scientists have found that the peels in many cases show better biological and pharmacological uses than other parts of the fruit. The aim of this review is to highlight the importance of fruit peel extracts and natural products obtained in the food industry, together with their other potential biological applications, such as apples, plums, pomegranate, dragon fruit, strawberries and grapes.

Keywords: Anthocyanins, Fruits, Peels.



Research On Formulation and Evaluation of Poly-Herbal Soap With Anti-Bacterial Activity

Maske Deepti Nilesh*, Sangar Priyanka Chandrakant., Bhongale Ashish Sanjay, Devale Rasika Purushottam, Gaikwad Ankita Dattatray

YSPM’s, YTC, Faculty of Pharmacy, Wadhe Phata, NH-4, Satara-415011 (Maharashtra)


The ultimate aim of present work was to prepare formulation of poly-herbal soap from extract of tulsi leaves, aloe-vera leaves, vitamin E capsules and honey using glycerine soap base by melt and pour method. The formulation was evaluated for physicochemical parameters like appearance, pH, sensitivity test, foaming test, stability test. All evaluation parameters results were positive and comply with standard values. Therefore, these plant materials can be used in the preparation of herbal soap on commercial scale for acne treatment.

Keywords: Polyherbal Soap, plant material, acne.