American Journal Of Pharmacy And Health Research

ISSN NO.: 2321-3647
December 2020 Issue 12

Effect of Majoone Chobchini in Post Chikungunya Arthralgia - A Randomized Placebo Control Study

Md. Nadeem1, Mohd Aleemuddin Quamri2

1.Department of Moalajat Zulfequar Haider Unani Medical College & Hospital, Nawalpur Siwan (Bihar)

2.Department of Moalajat, National Institute of Unani Medicine Bengaluru


Arthralgia is one of the common presentations in general practice and viral infection is one of the causes of arthralgia, which is typically self limiting and do not require any specific treatment, unless it prolong. Some of the viruses have predilection for the joints and arthritis is one of the common presenting sign of infection. Poly arthralgia is the most frequent chronic manifestation of post viral Chikungunya, required multi drug therapy to manage.  Keeping in view of the indications of Majoone Chobchini as a drug of choice for Wajaul Mafasil and Mussafi Dam, it is hypothesized that it may found effective in post Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) arthralgia. Therefore, to evaluate the efficacy of Majoone Chobchini and to validate the claims scientifically this trial was conducted. This study was conducted as a single blind randomized placebo controlled trial on 30 patients of Post Chikungunya arthralgia where test group (n =20) and control (n=10) were received Majoone Chobchini and Placebo 5 gms each respectively twice a day after meal for thirty days. The study outcome was assessed as subjective parameters i.e., Pain in joints, swelling in joints, difficulty in movement and morning stiffness of joints at baseline, 8th, 15th, 22th and 30th  day and objective parameters VAS, DAS, HAQ, CRP and ESR were assessed on pre and post study. The study effects on subjective parameters like (Pain in joints, swelling in joints, Difficulty in movement, Morning stiffness of joints) were found significantly reduced in comparison of control group, similarly the objective parameters (VAS, DAS-28, HAQ) were also found highly significant with p<0.001and CRP was found moderately significant with p<0.016 whilst an ESR (p<0.373) remained unchanged in both the groups.  These results were assessed statistically using “t” test paired and unpaired, Fischer exact test, Mann Whitney U test and Wilcoxon Signed rank test This comparative clinical trial on post Chikungunya arthralgia reveals that Majoone Chobchini is effective in ameliorating joints pain was found statistically significant in comparison of placebo without any adverse effects. Therefore, it can be concluded that Majoone Chobchini can be used as drug of choice in the management of painful joins associated with viral infections also. 

Keywords: Majoone Chobchini; Post Viral Chickungunya Arthalgia; Wajaul Mafasil