American Journal Of Pharmacy And Health Research

ISSN NO.: 2321-3647
April 2020 Issue 4

Formulation and Evaluation of Polyherbal Anti-Tussive Syrup

RB. Rajmane1*, Adnan A. Q. Shaikh 1, Amol A. Joshi1, Azmina TI. Qadri Sayyed1

1.ASPM’s K.T. Patil College of pharmacy, Osmanabad, Maharashtra 


Now a days the synthetic and novel drugs are the major source of curing any type of disease, although these chemically synthesized drugs are harmful hazardous and shows toxic effect on the human body, this research formulation is a Polyherbal product (expectorant) which is useful and effective to treat the acute as well as chronic cough mainly chronic cough in patients of all ages. The prolonged chronic cough which last for several months or even years (in some patients) so to treat this “polyherbal anti-tussive syrup” is best mode, this syrup consist of some prominent and effective naturally occurring drugs or medicinal plants like, cinnamon, clove, black paper, Tulsi , honey (as base), and menthol (as cooling agent expectorants). This particulate combination of drugs is very effective for the treatment of cough, although this syrup can also be used for the treatment of the common cold respiratory disorders or nasal problems.       

Keywords: Anti-tussive, Medicinal Plants, Polyherbal Formulation, Expectorants, Cough Syrup


Palladium used As A Catalyst: A Review

Bilal A Bhat*1 , Wasseem Akbar Khanday*2

1. Department of Chemistry, Govt Degree College, Shopian (192303), J & K India.

2.Department of Chemistry, Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula Utter Pradesh


In this review, the most important Pd-catalyzed C-C cross-coupling named reactions have been presented and discussed. It has been proposed that in Pd-catalysed reactions, the Pd decreases the activation energy or reacting species by simply stabilizing the transition state as it is an unstable and short-lived. The catalyst may get coordinated to one or more of the reactants and remains coordinated throughout the transition state of the catalytic process. During this process, the dissociation of the product either regenerates the Pd directly or generates a species that will be converted into the Pd. This is a typical in enzyme–catalyzed processes occurs in organometallic chemistry. 

Keywords: Cross-coupling, Catalytic, enzyme, organometallic, short-lived.


Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Gastro Retentive Floating Drug Delivery System of Losartan Potassium.

K.S. Srilatha*, Hemanth.S, Beulah Milton, Snehalatha

1. Department of Pharmaceutics, RR college of Pharmacy Bangalore 560090.


The objective of the study was to formulate and evaluate gastro retentive floating drug delivery tablets of Losartan potassium. It is an orally active non-peptide angiotensin -II receptor antagonist, used in the treatment of hypertension due to mainly blockade of AT1 receptors. The main reason for low therapeutic effectiveness of Losartan potassium is its narrow therapeutic index, poor bioavailability (25-35%), and short biological half life (1.5-2h). Conventional tablets should be administered 3-4 times to maintain plasma drug concentration. So, to increase therapeutic efficacy, reduce frequency of administration sustained release floating matrix tablets of Losartan potassium were prepared. Present study demonstrates the formulation of sustained release floating matrix tablets of Losartan potassium with various grades of hydroxyl propyl methylcellulose to restrict the drug release preferably in upper part of intestine and to improve its bioavailability and to provide constant drug plasma levels thereby improving the patient compliance. Losartan potassium showed maximum absorbance at 256 nm  so absorbance was measured at the same wavelength and found to obey Beer lamberts law in the concentration range of 10-40 mcg/ml. In the pre formulation study of IR spectra of pure drug with the different polymers showed no interaction, Differential scanning calorimetry experiments were carried out to find out the presence of any interaction among drug and the excipients. Pure drug and individual polymers were subjected to the study and no interactions were observed  .12 formulation of sustained release of Losartan potassium were prepared and they were examined for physical properties and appearance like hardness, thickness, weight variation, thickness, hardness, friability uniformity of drug content  floating lag time  floating duration time and in-vitro drug release studies . I n the study all the powder blends showed good flow ability angle of repose below 25.98±0.07°- 31.724±0.15°, compressibility index was found in the range of 12.5±0.16- 16.92±1.9 g/cm3 Weight variation 297.2±1.19-301.52±2.73mg, hardness 5.9±0.2-7±0.2kg/cm2, thickness 4.506±0.04-4.86±0.03, friability 0.91-0.41, floating time <12hrs in vitro release for all formulations were found to be 61.18 -99.02.

Keywords: Losartan Potassium, Gastroretentive dosage forms and HPMC K4M.


Efficacy of Unani combo therapy (Hab-e-Surfa and Sharbat-e-Unab) in the management of Upper respiratory troubles

Irfat Ara1*, Basharat Bukhari1, Nighat Ara1

1.Regional Research Institute Of Unani Medicine, University of Kashmir


To determine the efficacy and tolerability of Unani drug preparations Hab-e-Surfa and Sharbat-e- Unab, we conducted the open labeled, non-comparative clinical trial focused on the patients of either sex in the age group between 14 to 60 years with upper respiratory disorders at Regional Research Institute of Unani medicine, University of Kashmir Srinagar from September 2012-September 2015 irrespective of socio economic status. After baseline assessment, a total number of 60 patients with upper respiratory tract disorders were treated with Hab-e-Surfa with the dose of 2 Tabs (Hab) twice a day and Sharbat-e- Unab 2 tsf twice a day for one week. Clinical assessment of disease were assessed at baseline and after treatment. The pre and post treatment score was compared statistically and recorded. From the result it was observed that Hab-e-Surfa and Sharbat-e- Unab significantly reduced all the signs and symptoms of upper respiratory tract troubles after one week treatment.  No adverse effect has been noticed during the study period. Hence it is concluded that Hab-e-Surfa and Sharbat-e-Unab acts as expectorant, lubricant ,concoctive, coolant, sedative, febrifuge, demulcent and is a promising Unani herbal preparation which is effective and safe.

Keywords:  Sual, Clinical trial, Unani Medicine, Unab, Kashmir.